vector database is always full
# 🤝help
I have been experimenting with the vector db and have filled it almost completely. I have deleted all of my big KBs on Friday, but my free storage quota is still at 95/100, so I can't really experiment with it anymore.
this is still an issue for me...
I'm unable to reproduce this issue - when I delete my knowledge bases the changes are accurately reflected in my usage dashboard
this isn't the case for you?
this is my only chatbot and i don't even have a KB anymore. Retrieval folder is also workflows only
if you export the bot into a new workspace, what happens?
my .bpz file has a lot of documents
so when i deleted my KB, it did not actually delete somehow
i guess i can probably just fix it on my end by deleting the documents folder in the .bpz file and importing into a new project?
yes that should work - but odd that the KB files were still there!
Hi I'm having the same issue with my bot! I've deleted all my KBs but the dashboard reflects maxed out usage. I can't open the .bpz file but I tried exporting my bot and importing to a new workspace - the usage maxes out again. But if I reset the bot to the 'Start from Scratch' template, the usage is cleared.
Same issue
but if u reset the bot, the nodes are gone too right?
@rich-plumber-25796 were u able to fix the issue without having to redo the entire bot?