i need help please
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01/12/2024, 9:37 PM
I have a problem that when i connect my bot to massager and Instagram i can't because meta is very complicated with the verifications for business accounts and i need the bot for small business account or normal account Is there any way i can connect the bot and work and people start using it with out all that stuff Like regular old bots didn't need to contact them with meta all of that verification steps I need a faster way if it is there Like please life depends on it .
Is there anyone can help me?


01/13/2024, 6:23 PM
Hi there👋 Not a lot of people have a lot of knowledge about the how the messenger integration 100% works, and what you can and can't do with it. Since its the weekend we might be unlucky that the people with the knowledge wont be online until Monday. We can be lucky and maybe a @User knows?


01/13/2024, 6:32 PM
Hey @curved-crayon-86607, unfortunately we can’t really help you from our side. It’ Meta’s policy to be verified to be able to deploy chatbots with them. The only way to avoid it is using their Business Partners like ManyChat, but it’s limited in its functions. It’s shouldn’t be too difficult, it just takes a few days to verify. You can’t have one if you don’t have a registered business unfortunately! It’s not only Botpress, it’s all other platforms as well!


01/14/2024, 5:20 PM
In my experience Meta is a real booger to integrate with. My Fb integration seems to be unpleasable. Verify the business, and you have to have I think Profile messaging requested? but anyway whenever I have tried to figure it out they are zero help. Then I was supposed to create a test user so they could verify the bot but no help doing so and I cant seem to create a test user. I personally have about throown my hands up on the Meta anything