Trying to use a table for a FAQ flow
# 🤝help


01/10/2024, 5:31 AM
Hello, I am trying to generate a flow that looks at a table that has: Category, Sub Category, Question, and Answer fields. As simple as possible I want the bot to look at the table and show the category as buttons. (I have made this work but got blocked by only listing 20 Items in the Array using Find Record) Based on selection from the first Node I want it to dynamically go to another node listing the Sub Categories. The same step for the Question which will then end in giving the answer. I think i can work out after there how to link this all back to a CTA etc and I can make it manually but I want to minimise the steps and be able to add new information in the table and dynamically update the data. without making individual steps. I hope this makes sense
I have resolved this except the 20 record limit on array. Any insights regarding this would be great so that I don't have to use two tables to get around it