connections to and from different nodes keep getti...
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Report ID: e04e5d48-bb4c-4882-ae02-440ff6e1616b copied and pasted capture cards with choices - they keep getting disconnected when you edit a node with that copied and pasted capture card. Really time consuming when you have a big flow going on and you have to figure out where all the choices are supposed to be connected. when you've done all the reconnections and figured you have to do something on that node again, all the connections disappear again.
same with me
and 5 other people
basicly with everybody i think
i think its becuase its the same id
so in css a card or a node or whatever has an id right ?
now if you duplicate an element it is supposed to have a differant id
but it doesnt in this case. If you duplicate something then it ahs teh same ID as the duplicated item