đź“‹Favorite Code blocks : save time and share block...
# đź‘€feature-requests
Hello friends, I would like to make this suggestion to improve Botpress workflow by allowing users to favorite and store blocks of code. Potentially we can also share this code with others by allowing exporting of code blocks. In the attached screen I made a simple visualization how this could work (excuse my mouse drawing lol!) . Let me know if you would like to see this feature and what you would like to add. Cheers,
We just put them into flows and reuse that way. You can create a folder like "Common" and put reusable stuff in there. However, if there was a workspace-wide library of components, that would come in handy. There is a similar concept in Grafana dashboarding solution, where you have library panels, and adding one to your dashboard is like creating a symlink/shortcut as opposed to a copy. https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/dashboards/build-dashboards/manage-library-panels/
I actually really love this idea! Thanks you two @cold-jewelry-54343 @limited-gpu-21450 🔥 !