I have a solution to be able to upload images and ...
# 👀feature-requests
Currently I am trying to extract the document id from incoming messages of unhandled types such as images and documents. However, I am unable to extract the id since botpress ignores the message completely and event.payload doesn't work on the message and the flow remains at the current card and doesn't change until a new message of type text is sent. If Botpress let's the message go through, even though it's of an unsupported type, I will be able to process it on my server using the whatsapp image id. I already have the code and it works perfectly the only missing piece is being able to extract the whatsapp image/document id from botpress. If this feature is added, I will make a tutorial for other people who want to use image and document upload and give the code that I have used. I've seen alot of people ask about WhatsApp image and document upload and this simple tweak would allow them to be possible. Thanks.