issue with the subscription
# 👀feature-requests
Just a few days ago this website was known to be best platform offering service for free to create chatbots without any cost. Now that they have added the subscription is it now very difficult for a common man to buy such huge price subscription. It cost about 450$ which is a person's average earning i request you to reduce the price into more reasonable than such a high cost even google doesn't make such a huge price for monthly subscription. it is as if the owner of the website wants to recover all the loss he has faced within one month without having to wait for long for getting profits.
It's still free? They have the same free tier and now it's even more generous giving you $5 to spend on AI Tokens
Before there were no limits on using ai tasks and now money
Even ai tasks completes within 100messages
Or 100tokens if i say
I mean ai tokens
What's the use ?
You get $5 for free to spend on tokens. That should be more than enough for anyone on the free plan. You can always use GPT-3.5 instead of GPT-4. Here is some more information about tokens:
You will only pay for the amount of tokens that you use after the free $5. Botpress doesn't add anything to the token price
Oh then gpt3.5 turbo is free but here they charge in both free plan and in the subscription
Not for the token wait lemme show tou
GPT 3.5 isn't completely free but it's super cheap.
See within 31 token already 1 dollar is spent
You have spent much more than 31 tokens
Your Vector DB storage is maxed out. It will take more tokens the larger the KB is
You have 32 bot invocations which doesn't directly correlate to the amount of tokens you have spent