update botpress
# 👀feature-requests
Add new features And some modifications: Only KB option in AI generated Text Card and Standard : In this Only Knowledge base In The AI generated Text and chat will be used Means, If Someone want to create a Private bot Like for some personal Work for example A company's AI bot the bot which only knows It's Job Non of Other matters and is made for The Company or Specific Project or company Providing Html hosting code or converting bot into API : the bot whatever You create will have an api like open ai api keys means The bot that are created on custom data By you can be Used and Integrated as api key so people will be able to more customisation Recognise system : Bot will store The data sent by user per session like chat gpt For example if you type something like hi Bot says Hello Then you Tells your Problem Then bot tells the answer Then you ask again By refering to old problem instead of re-writing whole thing again It will just Understand by previous data exchange in chat and will use them I would really like to help you in doing this free of cost so I can make api system and Other basic Things. I have a plan for copyright stuff too