Messages are taking up to 10 seconds loading in we...
# 👀feature-requests
I dont know why, but my bots are sometimes very laggy in answering because of a long delay or they are answering nothing (but only in webchat not in botpress). Can it be because i am from germany? My idea to make it a bit smoother is too let the 3 dots that appear when the chatbot is writing are coming everytime after the users input, no matter if the bot is already typing or not so that the user has an instant feedback even if hes has to wait a few seconds. Also if it is a timeout over 20 seconds it would be great to implement an error message or something like that, this latency without something happening sucks very much so it would be great if you guys do something about it fast. Please vote it up or if any one has tipps for me it would be great to, I am sure there are other users experiencing the same frustration
The bot is somehow in nearly any webchat session not loading... in the middle of the conversation
okay now I have the bug: everytime I wait a bit before i answer, the bot isnt recognizing my input anymore - please help
Please post this in the #1111009377525186570 channel !
It might be an issue with your bot. This doesn't seem to be any sort of feature request 🙂