Add knowledge base that requires authentication
# 👀feature-requests
It would be great if we could add knowledge base that requires authentication to access. For example if knowledge base is on Atlassian Confluence and you need an authentication method to access documents. Thank you
I think that could be done by creating a workflow for that specific KB and store in a folder, then create a Login for Access and well-done.
Would you mind elaborating on the workflow a bit? How would that work?
How can I be of help?
That’s interesting indeed. It would add a layer of safety to clients knowing their data is under a pw

Here the two steps needed to accomplish the idea.
First the KB and Workflow into a folder then set up the Login that leads to the KB if access granted.
I still do not understand. KB itself requires user/password to access it. How can you even start to add the knowledge base?
Set up a folder, where you store the KB's inside you want to have protected access to. Put a workflow to this folder that answers and reads from this KB only and store into the Folder too. In your main Workflow, set up the Login for the desired folder. So once the person login then send to the Folder workflow.
Iaml i am not trying to protect the knowledge base. I am trying to access this knowledge base that is protected.
Do you have access to this knowledge base?
Or is it that you want to hack that?
I don't really understand what is the sense of having access true out the bot to a protected knowledge. Because then all protection will be gone this way and the information will be to easy to access by anyone who has access to the Bot.
Sorry I thought you wanted to protect access to some KB for only special users or clients.
No we just want to add knowledge from a secured existing space like confluence, sharepoint online and so on
Hi there, there are several ways to introduce a password system, the simplest would be to check if a password is correct and flow accordingely to a specific node/workflow. In the image I am pretending that there 2 clients with 2 passwords: if they match they will flow to their respective workflow. You can limit the access to KB's inside capture cards/Query Knowledge Base card (or in code). If you have allot of clients you can store their data in a Table and check if there is a match within that table and flow accordingely if there is a match. Hope that helps ⚡ 🚀