Saving AI task as presets
# 👀feature-requests
Just had an idea about AI task cards. Why not have the option to save preset ai instructions through workflows and maybe even between bots. You can probably go even deeper since AI tasks are so versatile but having different folders in the preset storage would be pretty cool too.
Also had another thought about AI tasks. Like chatGPT has thumbs up/down feature for good tasks output, would there be a way of implementing a feature like that? seems much but just food for thought
hey @worried-park-98020 I'd separate those two. Maybe copy paste your second message into a new feature request!
Just so things don't get lost.
Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂
Sadly the second idea makes no sense. See, the OpanAI thunbs feature does not do anything - it MARKS the answer, which then is used by a team to review it for the next fine tuning. As long as you do not stat having a feedback mechanism (automatic correction of a kwnoledge base, which is COMPLEX, or retriaining the AI, which is outside the scope) there is no real sense in a thumps up / down scenario.