Use Asana as Knowledge base of the bot.
# 👀feature-requests
Use Case: As an end-user, I want to inquire the bot what happened on specific Asana task and what has been done. I want the bot provide me data and information from the comment sections and subtasks. Context: We are using Asana to create task to handle clients concerns. We want to use it to guide us on how to handle or respond.
And your problem is? YOu DO know that you can call any HTTP endpoint (webhook) - so yo uare free to program(worst case) and then in the backend you programmed use any API of any software to do what you want. You can also try Zapier or Make to see whether automations exist already.
@acceptable-gold-88171 something for you here 👆
Hello @cool-policeman-94412 , I don't have any programmer background. But this is a good thing to try.