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hey @bland-agent-12616 this thread might help you with improving your chatbot
hen i typed something before the autostart conversation could start, it duplicates the text
another thing would be nice to let the user ask a question or select a single choice, or add retries to the singe choices
wrong spelling "again" should be corrected
i cant even see the url
when i hover over it then i can see it
already gave my name / email to the bot why do i need to do it again ?
ok thats it, ill give solutions to the following problems: 1: KB under single choice 2: change URL text color 3: text duplication when typing something before the bot starts the conversation 4: how to delay text
please reply back if you need the tutorials or if you can fix these problems / improvements to your chatbot
Thank you so much! Love the feedback!
no problem man !
keep up the good work