[Pabbly] Sync and Back Up KB Table Data to Google ...
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This is for those who want to automatically sync their Botpress data table to Google Sheets using Pabbly. To get started, you will need a Pabbly account, a Google Sheet, and Botpress. If you want to use Make instead of Pabbly then refer to this: https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1194161232052244521 > AND, if you have already set up the variables and data table, then you can skip some of the steps and start reading from the WEBHOOK section. __**Beginning :**__ Let's assume you want to capture information. To set up the flow, create a Standard Node and then add Raw Input, Email, and Phone Number cards to that node. Next, create variables. I named the variables as "***captureName***", "***capturePhone***", and "***captureEmail***", and connect the variables with the Name, Phone, and Email fields.
Now, lets Add a table from the left menu option and do as follows:
Great! Table setup is also done. Lets get back to “ Main “ and create another Standard node and add “Insert Record” card. Select the table (Data1Table) and add the variables as shown on the picture below.
========================================== __WEBHOOK:__ 1. To do that, First, Open Pabbly and create a new workflow by pressing “Create Workflow” 2. Then, Name your workflow. I named mines as “Botpress table to Google Sheet”
3. Select Webhook then you will see a *Webhook URL. *
4. Open Botpress and in your node add or drag “**Execute code”**. Click and Open that code section and in the ai section type:
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send variable Name, Email, Phone from Data1Table to pabbly webhook [no delay], your web hook url
and it will look similar to this :
> Note: Change the webhook url with your Pabbly Webhook URL. If you want to add delay then add inside that [ ] and hit enter.
__Webhook Test:__ Open the emulator and type anything. Lets say *Hi * to trigger the chat. And after finishing this flow (name, email, phone), we will see the data in our Data1Table similar to the pic below.
And In Pabbly,
=========================================================== Now, Add Action > Choose App > search Google Sheet > Select in Action Event, select Add New Row. then Connect > Add New Connetion > connect your google account, authorize/allow and select your spreadsheet (or create a new sheet and add Name, Phone, Email in the sheet) > click Save. It will look similar to this:
Now add the values similar to the picture shown below:
Click Save & Send Test Request . Open your** Google Sheet** and check if the data is in there or not.
Now, go back to Pabbly and hit Save. *Done!! * You have successfully created the auto synchronization from Botpress Data Table to your Google Sheet.
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AMAZING !! Thank you @clean-holiday-47965
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Thank you for sharing @clean-holiday-47965, thsi would be helpful for many users!
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We have an ambassador program 😉 if ever you're interested! https://botpress.com/ambassador-program
its that easy ?
IMO, it was easier than make, just get the webhook address from pabbly, execute in botpress, test, send data to google sheet, save and you are done!! @jolly-policeman-82775
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are you not supposed to create teh webhook first in make ?
hell no! i cant beat @quick-musician-29561 at this moment. Becuase he is super good at building creative bots 🔥 But yah, maybe in future!
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hes pritty good at css to be honest
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Answer is Yes! But am not that familiar with make.com so cant tell u much about it . haha true indeed @jolly-policeman-82775
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looks exactly like make.com
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Yes, I've been asked a couple of times to do a Botpress + Pabbly tutorial, but I didn't advance very far, so this time @clean-holiday-47965 definitely beat me 100-0. Luckily, we are all on the same side, and the entire world is our potential client, so this is not a competition among us 🫡
I'm happy to be on the same team as @clean-holiday-47965 and @jolly-policeman-82775 ! 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♂️ 🫡 🛠️ 💯
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Active members contributing to the community is definitely key!!!!!❤️
Thanks @clean-holiday-47965 for sharing this awesome tutorial!. 👍 Is it possible to use Pabbly to transfer data from a Google Sheet to a Botpress table? Thanks! 😀
You are welcome. I havent tried that yet @bitter-wire-11526 but it might be possible. 🤔 i might try that too. I am currently a little busy but i have noted that.