Remove Bot Conversation Description
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For those wondering how to remove completely __This chatbot was built suprisingly fast with Botpress__ :
Step-by-step : 1. Go to Botpress dashboard (this is your workspace, where you can see all of your chatbots) 2. Click on the chatbot from which you want to remove the Bot Conversation Description 3. Go to details 4. You will have something called Bot Description : fill the text with a space character 5. Save configuration
I hope this was clear, you can ask me questions if you have problem concerning this even though I might not be able to answer them
You can check if your bot works fine now by using the shareable URL, and then integrate it using the embed script. If your Shareable URL link works fine, but your embed script doesn't seem to make any new changes, consider exporting your bot, creating a new bot and importing the file you exported. I've had like twice this problem already, and creating a new chatbot solved the embed script problem
Thanks to @fresh-fireman-491 for providing the solution, mine was originally a bit more complex
Thanks a lot for making it into a tutorial to help others!
Thank you @glamorous-guitar-39983 ! great work