Displaying bot on wordpress
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This CSS displays the bot on the page, but it may appear bad at first because you must adjust the height and width of the bot. And move hte container the bot is in around so it displays the way you like it to. <iframe width="100%" height="600" style="border: none;" srcdoc=" window.botpressWebChat.init({ 'composerPlaceholder': 'Chat with Oleo', 'botConversationDescription': 'Posez vos questions', 'botName': 'Oleo bot', 'botId': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 'hostUrl': 'https://cdn.botpress.cloud/webchat/v0', 'messagingUrl': 'https://messaging.botpress.cloud/', 'clientId': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 'enableConversationDeletion': true, 'showPoweredBy': true, 'className': 'webchatIframe', 'containerWidth': '100%25', 'layoutWidth': '100%25', 'hideWidget': true, 'showCloseButton': false, 'disableAnimations': true, 'closeOnEscape': false, 'showConversationsButton': false, 'enableTranscriptDownload': false, 'stylesheet':'https://webchat-styler-css.botpress.app/prod/code/3fcd3e4e-d5bc-4bf5-8699-14b621b3ada2/v31782/style.css' }); window.botpressWebChat.onEvent(function () { window.botpressWebChat.sendEvent({ type: 'show' }) }, ['LIFECYCLE.LOADED']);
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