Build Your Own Lead Info Bot With Zero Coding Expe...
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I spent a ton of time on this so I hope it helps to create great leads for everyone here!!! I tried to make it a very fair price for the time/effort spent. If you REALLY can't afford it hit me up in dm ❤️ What its For Using this template you can create a bot to generate Leads, answer questions about you, your products or services, and will send you the contact information including User's Name, Email, Message, and Conversation Summary for you to reach out to the Lead. This is an easy-to-use template to design your own AI-Powered Chatbot with ZERO coding experience. I've tried to create something as user-friendly as possible! No updating vars! No updating Logic/Flow! Just update the tables/Kbs provided, add a Zapier Url for emails and your good to go! If you can update a table, you can create a Bot! |Video

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THANK YOU for your hard work. ❤️ This will surely help the community 😍
That's amazing
Hey, I just took a look at your website, I just want to say, great work. I really like what you are doing. As a total beginner to all what is coding and AI. Using Botpress for the moment as much I can afford in time to learn and practice, I will be proud of myself when I reach your level. My congratulations to your work. 💯
Thank you so much my friend!