Tables As Knowledge Bases
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This is a tutorial for the brand new feature in Botpress, Tables As Knowledge Bases. Wiith this feature you are able to connect your Knowledge Agent to your Tables. The Bot attached is an interactive tutorial bot that you can import into Botpress. It has a mock table and Knowledge base, tutorial video, and documenation for the feature. You can ask the bot about the feature to assist you in getting set up. Make it your one stop shop to learning how to talk to your tables! Tutorial Videoâ–ľ

Download The Interactive Tutorial Bot Import bot attached directly into Botpress with the File attached or just speak to the bot below Link to bot: Buy Me A Coffee <3
heck yeah! love to see this
Amazing work @straight-wolf-37371 !!!! We are so fortunate to have you as a Botbassador 🙂
Is tables as KB better than uploading an excel table? or other types of data? Is it faster/easier for KB to interpret/better accuracy?
yes, if you have data that repeats, like in real estate bussines, ecomerce or any bussines where you need sheets. KB for text only for Q/A section.