Now the owner wants to start using AI to help do t...
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Now the owner wants to start using AI to help do the job and said that she can do it herself. I know the owner well, she doesn't know anything about AI yet, but she is smart, works hard, and would like to learn it. I said that that project sounds really interesting, I would like to be a part of something like that. I always like to practice my skills with projects like these, but I'm not telling potential clients that 'I'm only practicing'; they might think that I don't know anything yet, but for me, practicing is a lifelong habit. So, I offered that I can help their company to build it, not for free even though we are friends, but it will cost money. They thought about that for a while and answered back to me that she decided to try and build that by herself because it seems to be so easy nowadays and they already know many companies using something similar. I answered to them that OK, I still like to build something like this, so now we have three options: **Option 1**: She builds it herself, she just needs to start studying AI and other required skills in her spare time, which we already know she doesn't have any. She will learn AI eventually if she's willing to put enough work and time into that, and maybe she needs to sacrifice some time of her actual work and current clients. **Option 2**: I already know AI and how to use perfect tools for this job, like Botpress I just have to start studying the tailoring business to know how AI chatbots should work in that field, maybe start contacting department stores and other clients who need a service like this. **Option 3**: We team up, she takes care of everything tailoring business-related, I take care of everything AI-related, and we build a perfect product for their company and clients to use. I recommended Option 3, I'm waiting for their answer.