One company that I know well wants to start using ...
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One company that I know well wants to start using AI. They are a tailor company, and they have big clients, some of the biggest department stores in the country. So when customers buy clothes, and the clothes are not exactly the perfect fit, the department store sends those clothes to that tailor shop, and customers expect them to be back in a few days. Besides big stores calling and delivering clothes, they also have private customers just calling and coming in all day long. They have 20+ employees fixing and sewing clothes. Many times the instructions are not so clear, and sometimes they even have to send the clothes back and forth a few times before it's correct, and clients need to wait weeks instead of days. And if they need to fix the clothes 3 times, they don't get paid 3x, but only once. They want to start using AI chatbots for that, handling every order with taking clear instuctions and expected delivery times, from big customers, small customers, old customers, and new customers. The company is quite small, 20+ workers are fixing the clothes, 1-2 are answering the phone and emails, and the owner is handling everything else business-related. And the owner is really busy, many times even working on weekends to get everything done.