Build something you're so passionate about that no...
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Build something you're so passionate about that nothing can stop you from working on it, practicing, and completing the project. If you find something you love doing this much, it won't feel like work, and it has the potential to grow significantly. For example, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak didn't know if Apple would ever become a company; they just wanted to build computers for themselves to use, and they wanted it more than anything. Similarly, the researchers behind the paper "Attention Is All You Need," (Google research paper, 2017) which laid the foundation for large language models like ChatGPT, were driven by their passion. Six of those seven researchers started their own AI companies, now valued at $6 billion. They aren't just working; they're building what they love, as they did even before their successful ventures. Idea number five: Consider major companies and market leaders, like Salesforce, and brainstorm how they would approach their projects if they were starting now with AI technology. Imagining how to enhance a familiar, useful product with the power of AI and automation by reflecting on the strategies of well-established companies can inspire innovative thinking and new approaches to problem-solving.