Currently, where it's relatively easier to make mo...
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Currently, where it's relatively easier to make money (if it's ever easy)—is something that companies actually need and want to use, and, fortunately, we are very familiar with it thanks to Botpress. This involves building an AI assistant to perform knowledge work that a human would normally do, automating it, and packaging it into a user interface that is already familiar. So, if an old project, website, or software suddenly becomes much more powerful because of AI, and users don't need to change their workflow, it's a win. While I may not know how to build these, it seems that's what companies are willing to buy. If you showcase your demo project to a company and they don't want it, build an even better demo, using that company's website to show them how your AI project surpasses their current project. If it can't beat them, then perhaps you haven't built it well enough, and they are right not to buy it (yet). Idea number two: If you can merge two different fields with the help of AI, there might be a business opportunity for you. This approach is particularly effective if you have extensive knowledge in both fields or if your team does. For instance, combining AI with healthcare could lead to innovative diagnostic tools, or integrating AI with finance could result in advanced predictive models for investments. This cross-disciplinary approach can open new doors and create unique solutions that stand out in the market. **Idea number three: One reason why I'm so interested in ElevenLabs API projects is that some big companies funding startups state that 50% of the new startups they invest in are AI voice assistant projects. This is a trend we need to pay attention to. Many companies receive an overwhelming number of queries but can't afford to hire enough staff to respond promptly. We know there's a need here.** Idea number four: