bot in a div on wordpress site
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I'm having trouble containing the bot within a frame on my Wordpress website, using an Elementor HTML block. I try the code from thh Botpress Documentation but the Bot appears as full screen (and blocks the content behind it) when i publish the page. I have the 'showCloseButton' set to true, so when i click the 'x' the bot closes and i can see the rest of the page, including the iframe space the bot should be in, but it is just background color, no bot. Can anyone help me to do this?
Same here, I can't get the bot to be contained within a div to save my ass 😦 it floats right no matter what I do. I tried full screen, no luck containing that in a div either...
Are you aware of the host URL inject as either v0 or v1 - the v0 is for fullscreen i think, the v1 is for the widget? 'hostUrl': '', Perhaps someone who knows can comment please. thanks.
for the time being, I have a live example of this issue to inspect at Thanks for your help @famous-jewelry-85388
@bright-magazine-792 can you help us here please?
I gave ti higher z-index...
I think the scripts are in the wrong plac
yeah script must be in a wrong place. @famous-jewelry-85388 Can you share a screenshot of where did you add the code? @freezing-article-91059
@bright-magazine-792 , and on another page: I have it embedded as a shortcode snippet into a shortcode block. Either way , the bot blows up to the full screen, not contained to the div. you can see some differences after closing the window, one has a container where it should be, the other has taken over the entire formatting. thanks @famous-jewelry-85388
The snippet is supposed to be basically the full 'Chatbot in a div' example code copied over, except with my bot/client id.