Creating AI Chatbot on the on-premise version of B...
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Hi, I need to make a Chatbot that can analyze and learn information that are stored on a website. I managed to realize a POC using the cloud version of Botpress and public informations. It works very well, but now I need to do the same thing with an on-premise instance that do not have access to internet. I managed to deploy the on-premise instance on K8S using the version available on Docker Hub, but I didn't find how to create the KBs. The UI is very different from the cloud one and I didn't find any AI fonctionnality. Is there a specific documentation that explain how to use the on-premise version ? Is the fact that the instance can't access internet a problem ? Thanks Adrien
Hello @high-salesmen-99748 lets take a quick step back. Botpress has two separate products. The first is Botpress Cloud. This has AI functionalities built in.
The second product is Botpress V12. This product does not have Ai functionalities built in
It runs on NLU
So instead of Kbs you would use QNAs
You can create actions in V12 to pass information back and forth from LLMs via APIs.
Here is the documentation on v12
Please remember though V12 is not Cloud they are completly different products.
Also we are not adding AI functionalities to V12
Hi @flat-plumber-75402 Thank you for those precisions. I'm going to study this documentation.