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(Regarding @crooked-van-25152's comment in another thread) I have this theory, I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but it works for me when learning new skills. And I think it also explains why Decay has superpowers. Speaking of brains 🧠 and as a studying & learning technique nerd, I used to spend hours every day reading, taking courses, watching tutorials on everything I wanted to learn. About many things, I thought I knew everything, but in reality, I couldn't do anything with that knowledge when needed. Only when I learned a few years back that the brain learns best not when putting information in, but when trying to get information out. I bought that theory immediately, and since then I have spent much more time trying to solve problems (getting the information out from the 🧠) in the field I want to have skills. I learn as I go, and when I really can't advance anymore, only then I stop and try to find more information, read, take courses or watch tutorials, whichever gives me enough knowledge that I can go back to work, which is usually to build something. And if you really want to learn something, build it first and then try to teach someone else to build it too. Then you really need to get the information out from your brain. With building chatbots, immediately when I learned how to build my first Botpress chatbot, I uploaded it to the #1120796649686573086, started to talk about how I built it, and I learned so much more when trying to teach the same to those who were interested. I think I learned the most by answering their questions, and because of that, my bots and bot building skills are now much better.