Can you create a template that shows examples of i...
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Cant get it to work well and the videos arent helping either
See if this helps: Insert Record To create a new record in a table, use the Insert Record card. This operation can be particularly useful when you need to store new information, such as a new user's details or a newly completed transaction. Here's how to do it: 1. Add the Insert Record card to the desired node 2. Select the table where you want to insert the record. 3. Define a value for each field. You can either define a value manually or use variables. 4. You're done, once the conversation goes through this card, the record will be created in the table.
Thanks for reaching out, mrkoolhaas! It looks like devmik has shared some steps on how to insert records into data tables. Could you let us know if you've tried these steps and if you're encountering any specific issues or errors? This will help us provide you with more targeted assistance.