Does anyone else have the same problem, that <#112...
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Does anyone else have the same problem, that #1120796649686573086 and #1132038253109837994 are not showing all the bots and projects we have shared? When I browse #1120796649686573086, I can find only one of my Assistants API chatbots, and I have many others. Also, when browsing, I can't find Gordy's original chatbot related to Events & Triggers which he mentioned in a YouTube video. If I search previous messages that mention those links, and click on them, then I can only find them. If others also have this same problem, maybe that's one reason why we have the same questions many times a week, even though we have already built bots and projects where those are solved (new users can't find those or even know that those exists). In this laptop, I'm using the browser version of Discord; I haven't checked if the same issue is also present when using the Desktop app.