[SaaS] Asking for feedback 👇 I am building a Saa...
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[SaaS] Asking for feedback 👇 I am building a SaaS that lets you build sophisticated A.I. assistant for non developers in a simple way. Basically instead of banging your head again and again to build feature like: - question answering - questions flow (lead capture) - CTAs - GCalendar appointment booking - etc... I'll let you create your personalized A.I. assistant by putting the building blocks listed above the way you need it. Result: you can build 97% of the A.I. assistant you need to build, as you wanted, without having to deal with complexity to build and compliance. And they work v well cause we take care of the complexity and optimization of every single feature. Plus: it can be integrated to every social, you have a panel to monitor chats and do human handoff, and you have stats of goals and costs. It would be white label so you can re-sell your customer. Would you pay for something like this? Thanks in advance for feedbacks! 🙏