custom trigger in middle of the workflow
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Hey Team Good noon, I create a voice to text trigger with an external button. When i click the button at the beginning of the workflow, i let the browser record my voice and sends the transcript to the bot using custom trigger and use it as a text choice in raw input. But when i am already inside the workflow and on the text bot where i expect the voice to text to work, the custom trigger is reaching the bot but the raw input with options is not updating. the user's transcript should be added to the list of choices in the raw input. the raw input's message is just repeating, thanks for your help in advance. Let me know if this is a little confusing. i can clarify.
Hey @ancient-judge-90472 do you know?
Hey @fresh-fireman-491 , i am trying to do the same thing but the raw input is not getting updated . can you please have a look at it.
Hi, This is by design, triggers are not used for that. However, as a workaround, you can have a variable that store where the user was, then after the trigger card add a bunch of transitions/expressions that should redirect the bot to where it was.
Thanks @famous-jewelry-85388 for the reply.. yes i did something like this in the bot. I got the value what the user said and store it in a variable and then added it to one of the options.. it works when i do the trigger alone.. but when the control has reached a raw input and waiting for an input.. if i use the trigger there, the trigger flow should reach the same node with the value as one of the choices, but the node does not refresh with the latest choices. thanks for the help in advance. Also is there a better way to do this.. to add accessibility to the bot, like text to voice and voice to text?