I'd recommend posting those kind of questions in t...
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I'd recommend posting those kind of questions in the #1174812513636987042 channel 🙂 Now, if you don't understand something a potential customer asked, ChatGPT is a great resource! Once you understand what the question means, you can then see how this can be addressed in Botpress. Here's what I got when I asked ChatGPT: *Training your bot dynamically means updating and improving your bot's ability to understand and respond to user inputs in real-time or near real-time, without requiring the bot to be taken offline or its service interrupted. This process involves continuously incorporating new data, user interactions, and feedback into the bot's learning model to refine its responses, understand new queries better, and adapt to changing user needs or conversational contexts. Dynamic training allows for a more flexible and responsive development cycle, enabling the bot to become more intelligent and efficient in handling queries over time. This approach contrasts with static training, where updates to the bot's intelligence are made in batches and often require downtime or a restart of the service to apply changes. Dynamic training leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure that the bot's performance improves as it interacts with users, learning from each interaction to provide more accurate and relevant responses in the future.*