Emulator works perfect but Bot does not work as si...
# 🤝help
I have created a chatbot which works perfectly as simulator but when I published the chatbot it doesn't work the same way as emulator #1111009377525186570
Hey there, Could you elaborate a bit more on this? What is the difference
What specifically is different? Can you post some examples/screenshots/logs showing the difference?
I can agree with @eager-nightfall-68970 here, bots work very different in webchat, even with basic thing like KB answers, check this for example @fresh-fireman-491 @careful-kitchen-31087
I dont expect you to understand the content since it's in portuguese, but it is obvious that emulator gives a complete answer, with more information and respecting the prompts of the Personality Answer. Webchat in the other hand, gives a really basic answer with no change in the personality
I have been noticing this for a long time, and for new user like @eager-nightfall-68970 that is really hard to deal with, since he is probably testing the best way to create a bot in the emulator, spending AI Tokens and Interactions to achieve the best prompt/kb design hoping for the better output, and it feels like in the end it doesn't even matter because webchat doesn't work like the emulator, I know how that feel 😦