LiveChat Native Integration
# 👀feature-requests
Hi! It would be AMAZING (and you'd sell a heckin lot more subscriptions) if you created a LiveChat native integration for BotPress. Right now we are writing our own integration however I'd prefer a native integration due to the maintenance costs associated with building a custom integration. LiveChat is currently the #1 provider of interactive chat services and the HITL integration would be amazing. Even just a "handoff" card would be epic allowing us to pass the data from the bot's conversation to an agent. Currently our integration is able to do that in a very roundabout manner, so I would like a more direct solution. I've spoken with a few people in this community and they are also interested. I've spoken with LiveChat's development team and they confirmed it would be a relatively easy task + it could be posted in LiveChat's marketplace as an app. This would drive a lot of subscriptions on your end and be a pretty solid $$ money maker.