Copying the contents of event.preview to a variabl...
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A single
should do it. If it doesn't show anything in the table, its empty. Make sure that when you set
workflow.userQuestion = event.preview
the has actually sent a message
hey @fresh-fireman-491 thanks! btw, i just want to hear your feedback. I created this workflow for users that didn't click the buttons like for example, choosing a language. and if they ask a question to the chatbot, the chatbot will still answer their question. based on the 3rd picture, is my workflow's logic ok or do it has a more better way to do it?
is AI Task a much better to use on this logic or Query KB is ok too?
Depends on what it should be able to answer. If it's just a general question then the AI Task or generate text is fine, but if it needs to answer from the KB then you need to query the KB