Handling KB failed responses
# 🤝help
Hello all! As you can see from these screenshots, the bot always sees KB answer as a fail, even if the answer is found in the knowledge base (as seen on the chat screenshot). Why is that, is the !turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded false usage of the variable? Thank you! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1223627787940794469/1223627788058366017/image.png?ex=661a8b2e&is=6608162e&hm=4870497da6a6f1346811d60f4d6305d5c1354c6ea564638574f5b77cdeadf7d4& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1223627787940794469/1223627788310020208/image.png?ex=661a8b2e&is=6608162e&hm=b113a03988f70d49c45440eb4ae778b96f4e7de435566473fbf6d442fbd52bcf&
just to make sure does your expression card !turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded has as a condition called !turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded
I have previoulsy found
to be a bit buggy. I prefer to use
, which I have never had an issue with