I need to integrate Stripe into my chatbot
# 🤝help
Hello, I want to integrate Stripe into my chatbot to send payment links and if these payments are validated, the chatbot must make a PDF file available for download or send by email with the user's responses that are in variables in a predefined PDF structure for that user. I'm having a lot of difficulty with everything because I don't understand programming and this webhook business or API's, can anyone help me?
I don't think Botpress will make the pdf file for you (I may be incorrect, but that's my understanding) you will need some external pdf maker service, whose API you can call to generate the PDF file. Giving users access to download the PDF or sending the email is doable from Botpress. However, for it and Stripe integration you will need to do some bit of programming. Please do read node.js based integration documentation of stripe for details. The easiest method will be to use make.com or Zapier as they have no code integration for your ask
I understand thank you!