I add a KB into the workflow, but the chatbot does...
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Currently, through the Botpress Chrome extension, I'm trying to integrate a custom GPT into a website, and everything works correctly. However, when I try to add a knowledge base, the bot does not respond to questions with the information from the knowledge base. I have tried to add it in every possible way I know, but I cannot achieve it. Here is the content of my bot in case anyone can think of something to fix it. The KB I want to add is a Table. I left the code just as the botpress chrome extension created it, just deleted every try to add the KB to ensure that there are no modifications to the initial code. Thx in advance! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1224451731669123172/1224451732000608488/Captura.JPG?ex=661d8a8a&is=660b158a&hm=69a10dc598f7839c54e84b999dded7e979fb9c1c5bfb3f7e7f30c1e6b6a9a136& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1224451731669123172/1224451732231422167/Captura1.JPG?ex=661d8a8a&is=660b158a&hm=8f98943ec7c153147848a6bc519d97bf3809b18e1017ab05136c5bb33988fb26& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1224451731669123172/1224451732491210854/Captura2.JPG?ex=661d8a8a&is=660b158a&hm=b2ec2bd2155eab9c6b095e9af79e6a0eb7af53ed75eabf2b9675d440e971eb0c&
Hey there, Botpress and OpenAI don't work together like that unfortunately. You have to already have added the knowledge to the custom GPT.
as Decay mentioned, the extension you're using just passes your GPT through to your website
it's essentially "using Botpress as a front end" for your GPT, that can be deployed on your website
Thanks to both!
But is there any way to import my GPT into Botpress and add a database from within Botpress itself?
nope - you can think of them as essentially separate
or, as Decay says, you'll have to expot the GPT after uploading your data there