Customize bot style
# 🤝help
Hi, I would like to change some properties of the classes "bp-widget-widget" and "bp-widget-web", as follows: .bp-widget-widget { bottom: 90px; height: 84px !important; left: auto; right: 36px; top: auto; width: 84px !important; } .bp-widget-web { z-index: 2000; } At first I tried to put the code inside the css generated by the Webchat Styler but this does't work since the properties of these classes are overwritten in a css file (inject.css) which is loaded by botpress. In order to make the things work I had to create a new css style file and load it in the html after window.botpressWebChat.init. I was wondering whether there is a better way to achieve the same result.