Tutorial problem
# 🤝help
I'm sorry, I just wanted to say it. I'm just starting to use botpress. I watched all the tutorial videos. Not enough. Interfaces are different. (The narrator goes on and on with unnecessary conversations, but does not explain the details.) That's why I couldn't learn it and gave it up. Documentation is insufficient.
Have you checked the #1132038253109837994 and #1120796649686573086 sections? There are a lot of useful chatbot templates which you can download and try, and also so much good instruction and ideas on how to build those chatbots, from those who have built them. You can start with those example chatbots and use cases that you feel are the easiest to build at the beginning, or with those that interest you the most and you want to learn how to build. I agree that updating all old Botpress YouTube videos to match the new dashboard and all the new features would be super useful for all the current and future bot builders who just find out about Botpress. It could be just those super simple yet so effective 5-minute videos presenting one feature, on the Botpress official YouTube channel, or by Decay and others who are creating those videos.
Thanks for your quick and courteous reply. But I watched and tried most of them. even "office hours" videos. I wish it was more instructive. I wasted a lot of time with unnecessary conversations in the videos, drinking lots of water. Nobody has that much time
The office hours are live streams, where anyone can ask anything. There are a lot of dedicated tutorials on their channel too, which are straight to the point.
At the end of the day, you need to be willing to dedicate time to learning the platform and applying your knowledge to your own bot to truly grasp how things work. Most people began at the same point you are at now, @brave-restaurant-23929 ! Where there's a will, there's a way. 🎉 Anyways, we'll be happy to help if you have any specific questions 🙂 ! Happy bot-building.