How to troubleshoot emulator error state, and also...
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My bot prototype was working smoothly yesterday and then abruptly stopped handling entities as expected; I checked the console and noticed that an "Execute code" card was erroring in an entity-processing block. I piped the whole
to the console and saw the following instead of the expected well-populated NLU object:
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"nlu": {
        "errored": true,
        "openbook_model_id": "011cad83fe331216.d208c1c3dae45987"
I'm using the default configuration and haven't monkeyed around with the NLU config (at least not to my knowledge). Then I noticed that the emulator's dot had turned red, which the docs state "indicates that the bot could not be trained and has some errors," but does not specify how to troubleshoot. There were no other errors in the console apart from the NLU-related error I mentioned earlier. It is not clear to me whether the NLU error and the emulator error are directly related, though it would stand to reason that they may be. I already tried rolling back all the code changes that immediately preceded the NLU error, but that did not solve the problem. All guidance, advice, and / or suggestions on how to troubleshoot these possibly-related issues will be much appreciated!
Update on this question: I tried removing entirely all the code blocks that reference the
object , and refreshing, but the emulator remained in the error state, which makes me think that maybe the NLU issue and the emulator state are not the same problem
Update 2: Looks like I've solved this -- the problem appears to have been that one of my entities was too similar to an intent that already existed -- I was re-building in a fresh bot, when I noticed the emulator "go red" while adding entities -- when I deleted the entity I was working on, it "went green" again -- that's when I realized that its similarity to an existing intent is maybe confusing the NLU. When I piped
to the console, the NLU object appeared as expected
So in short, it appears that having an intent utterance and an entity occurence share similar strings, causes a fatal error in the NLU that breaks the bot entirely