Why is the yes/no buttons showing as "true/false" ...
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Hello! Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but in the conversation tab in the dashboard when the user presses on a yes/no buttons it's showing up as "true/false" instead of yes/no. This is something new so just wondering if that's a change that has been made on purpose or a glitch? Shows up as yes/no in the emulator. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1225372183740813332/1225372184034148384/image.png?ex=6620e3c6&is=660e6ec6&hm=f798f8a5ce7776908335b1a66790bb706ab2a9ec1fdebd6b70f0e4d7e0b41f16&
I think its because boolean values are true and false normally
Instead you could use single choice and see if it works
This happens because the internal values of a Confirmation/Boolean card are true and false
The capture doesn't record the actual label text, just the result
Which could be improved
But as of about 10 days ago started doing this:
Do you know why?
Hey @high-afternoon-19612, thanks for using the Inbox 😉
I didn't make any changes to the Inbox, so it must be a update on the Botpress side
That happens only with Confirmation/Boolean captures