Excluding specific words from Raw Input
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How can I make "Capture information, a raw input" ignore specific words. Since I have a node that when they have no more doubts they press or write "Continue" but when they write or press it the knowledge responds to that "Continue"
Hello @Manyy
so from what you described above I am guessing your capture card has the KB query turned on, is that correct?
If so I would recommend turning it off so that you can process the continue if typed and then if its not continued passing that to a Query Knowledge base card
Hello @flat-plumber-75402 , thank you for the advice but now what happens is that I have an intent that if you write "continue" it goes to another node but now it no longer does so. What should I do?
Can you please get a me a screen shot of the node/flow?
Can I get a screenshot of the intent please? Also am I reading it correctly that continue is looping back to Fallback?
When I type "Continue" it first goes through the fallback and then to the correct node
And I think it's because it detects that Continue does not have an answer and that's why it sent me to fallback