Have bot ask follow up questions to promt.
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I have a large KB which contains requirement for government grants for home energy improments. Alot have requirements, eg. your home is built before 1975, or you can only get grants for new windows if you also insulate the fasade. I have tried to capture large variables like date of contruction and privat or business related questions. But i keep getting wrong answers from the bot. I would like the bot to check the KB if a grant has any requirements that the user doesnt fullfill or if the bot doesnt know, ask about it. Any idea on how to structure this bot to make it work? Thanks and regards from Norway 🙂
Ideally you'd start with prompts to navigate them and rely less on the database, from there it is all prompt engineering. In normal non-botpress this would be a relational table that walks them through steps however botpress currently doesn't store relational tables. I'd recommend setting up flows with multiple choice cards or input cards that drive them through the various question possibilities. It is a lot to setup, but it will be more reliable then trying to rely on the AI to guide them through the questions if that makes sense!
I think you would be better off using AI tasks for this, instead of the Knowledge Base
Since the KB is for simple close ended questions
Update on this. I have used AI tasks which functions pretty well. However there are alot of outdated information on sites that we do not control so i would like for it to prioritize the KB. When i try to do that it ends up providing two responses, one from the KB and one from another source.
You could pass the KB response {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} to the AI Task input so that i gets improved
Where is the outdated information coming from?