Automatic detection of changes in the knowledge ba...
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My use case is a chatbot that is trained with pdf documents that contain norms a regulations so that professionals have access to it. These norms and regulations can be updated at any time and new pdfs will be created. My question is whether botpress will be able to detect these changes once the new pdfs are uploaded so it provides the up-to-date answer Thanks!
It will provide an answer based on whatever is in the database so it in theory to my knowledge could return either. Are you deleting the old PDFs to deprecate them or simply uploading new ones?
Thanks for the answer. No, I can't delete the previous documents because they contain other norms that remain applicable.
Upping because I have a very similar case where the KB reference material is web pages which are subject to change. I'm trying to determine, but can't find out in the docs, whether the KB 'ingests' the web page data only once (and the web source needs to be deleted and re-created upon any change), or whether it is able to 'see' and refer to updated content. My guess is the former (any changes require delete and re-add) because of typical RAG workflows (chunk -> vectorize), but that is only a guess and I'mn eager to discover the facts.