Stop all new features and focus on making a stable...
# 👀feature-requests
We are wasting too much time on bugs and downtime. Instead of being a platform suitable for Hobbyist and as a playground the only Feature I want is that it becomes stable.
@dry-machine-39056 Sent you a DM. You've been heard and this is really important to us. Our team's focus this quarter is around stability, reliability, performance and builder experience.
As a side note, outside of OpenAI downtimes, Botpress has been down 17 minutes in the last 90 days. We're aiming for much lower than that, but I think this is well above average for the industry. We're also looking to diversify/hedge our LLM strategy to prevent OpenAI downtimes from impacting production bots. That said, we're aware of some UI-related regressions and bugs due to our high product velocity (dashboard and studio). We're working on improving the stability and reliability of those as well. Appreciate everyone's trust in BP and desire for the platform to evolve and become industry standard
Hi, REALLY hope it will be possible to build big and foremost reliable stuff. Nice that Botpress was down 17 minutes last 90 days. I was referring to our downtime. Today it was several hours and you dont sit and wait for a fix that may or may not come the same day. So today helf day was lost in the sence of building.