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This is going to be long, so skip to the other posts unless your username is @glamorous-guitar-39983 or @hundreds-battery-97158 Offering AI services to companies, even if you are a small company, an individual doing freelance gigs, or still a student, can be a really good opportunity. However, in my opinion, success is only possible if you are well-versed in both the AI technology and the specific field you're targeting. Imagine someone who is a dentist, went to medical school, and has been working as a dentist for a few years, and also knows all the necessary AI tools well. They are going to have much better chances of building and selling AI products to their own company or other dental practices, compared to someone who tries to sell their version of an AI product for dentists but doesn't know the field at all and only has experience visiting there for a dental check-up every two years.