My experiences: One of the most important things i...
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My experiences: One of the most important things in life is choosing a career. But that's almost always decided by chance 😂. Maybe I've mentioned earlier, but I didn't know anything about blockchain or crypto when my friend was working at a blockchain company. They asked if I could start translating their white papers (roadmap, business plan, etc.) to English to attract more investors and enter the international market. I started with that, then soon realized blockchain was the most interesting thing I had ever seen and started learning about it. I wasn't so good at coming up with new ideas; I often think if no one has ever done that, maybe the reason is that it's not possible, and the project never finishes (that was of course before AI, now everything is possible). I started to read and study blockchain projects others had built, and reading and studying their GitHub code, while at the same time practicing more and more my normal coding skills (other than blockchain). After spending weeks learning everything from the best blockchain projects others had built, it felt like, 'Hey, I know how to improve those!', and suddenly my head was full of "new ideas" (maybe actually others' ideas, but with my improvements). That's when things started to advance quickly; I was the first one to build an auto-staking solution that was both functional and cost-effective on the Stellar blockchain (fees are always small for the end user, only $0.0000013 in average per transaction, but cost-effective for teams to build), even though many others had started 5+ years earlier but couldn't figure it out. I just combined everything I knew about programming, blockchain, and Linux automation (my earlier job), and everything they needed on the blockchain just worked. After that, I have been fortunate to get to choose jobs that I would like to do. That was my 'dentist' moment.