After I started to learn a little bit about AI alm...
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After I started to learn a little bit about AI almost two years ago, soon it became so that 50% of the companies started asking for these AI servers (a year ago), and when 90% of the companies were asking for AI servers (current day), I already knew how to build those for many different projects, using all the necessary tools. And I'm once again one of the few who could do that effectively (at least in our circles, offering these to blockchain companies we have already worked with before). I took only two big clients, both from the Stellar blockchain, and both wanted to sign a 3-24 month contract (not with me, but with our company). The Stellar blockchain will invest $100M to encourage developers to create apps for its platform, focusing on Soroban Smart Contract apps. As I have mentioned to some bot builders here, I'm going to be there (and stay there) offering AI services. I don't need to keep that information to myself since I don't have the possibility anyway to work with more than one or two big companies at a time.