When I started with AI, I built some basic JavaScr...
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When I started with AI, I built some basic JavaScript and Python apps and ChatGPT projects, later with Streamlit (which I like a lot!) and also React (not so much of these yet). But with Botpress, I like, of course, the community first (those other projects are more of lonely developer work, where other guys are spread in many different Discord and Reddit groups). And also, I really like that Botpress already works well on websites, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Without that, for me, the most difficult part is always going to be building UI projects that function well on every platform and look good on every device also, since I'm not a frontend developer or a designer. Botpress comes to the rescue! And because of that, I'm now recommending Botpress to everyone and telling potential clients (and blockchain co-workers) that Botpress is our preferred building platform, and it already has everything your company needs to start building custom AI chatbots.