the shared bot sometime is fast and sometimes is v...
# 🤝help
Hey guys, My shared bot is sometimes fast in responding and the other times is very slow like it took a whole DAY to respond (the delay in different messages not in one specific message ” Is the reason that i didn’t make my bot Alive?
Enabling always alive is a good start. Did you check the logs to see where it was getting hung up?
I check, but actually I don’t understand anything, any one can help?
Hey there 👋 Does it take long to respond in the emulator or in an integration like the webchat, or WhatsApp? Like Mario said, sharing some more information about your flow would be very helpful. This can include a screenshot of your workflow, and a screenshot of the logs, when it takes so long to respond. The logs can be found after selecting your bot (not "edit in studio") then going to logs, which you should be able to see at the top of your screen around the middle. When you are using the emulator, you should be able to find the logs at the bottom of your screen. You should see a grey box, where you can switch to logs in the top left corner of this grey box.