Global Intents and Node Repetitions
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Hello! I have two quick questions! 1. Is there a way to enable intent detection on every node and when the intent is detected, user will be automatically directed to the right node? 2. Is there a way to loop a node and break out to move to another node when the repetition count goes to some number? For example if my bot fails to answer 3 times in a row, it will not continue looping, but rather will ask the user if they want a human.
Hey there; 1. Unfortunately this is not a feature Botpress currently has but development suggestions have been made. Maybe another@User has an update ? 2. Yes this is possible, for instance : -- You could make a variable that adds +1 on a fail condition than make an expression card that triggers to true if its > 3 :
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// checks if a variable linked to "not finding an answer" // is true. If no answer is found + 1
if (workflow.answerFail === true) {
  workflow.failCount = (workflow.failCount || 0) + 1; // Increment or initialize failCount
* Below would be the code for the expression trigger
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workflow.failCount > 3